Archive of Sales and Marketing – Jen Jordan

Archive of Sales and Marketing – Jen Jordan
  • Remote VS In Office: Which One is Right for Your Small Business?
    Small businesses weigh remote vs. in-office work. Remote saves costs, offers global talent, but needs effective communication. In-office fosters community, supervision, but incurs higher costs. Flexibility is key.... more
  • Why Your Small Business Needs Omnichannel Marketing
    Omnichannel marketing guarantees a consistent customer experience, driving revenue and brand recognition for small businesses. Starbucks showcases effective strategies. Start small, consider an app, and maintain clear calls to action across channels for enhanced customer satisfaction and brand succe... more
  • QR Code Strategies: Scan Your Way to A Better Small Business
    QR codes empower small businesses with marketing, engagement, data collection, and payments. Creatively designed codes boost brand presence and customer interaction, offering a cost-effective growth strategy.... more
  • The Importance of A CSR for Your Small Business
    Boost your small business with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Elevate employee loyalty, customer perception, and revenue. Learn to integrate CSR, market effectively, and explore impactful ideas, aligning your business with positive change.... more
  • Why Your Small Business Needs QR Codes
    Discover the benefits of using QR codes for your small business. These cost-friendly, customizable codes drive traffic to your website, engage customers, and offer endless marketing possibilities.... more
  • Essential Metrics for Small Business Success
    Unlock Small Business Success with Essential Metrics: Track Leads, Customer Data (CAC, CLV, Churn), and Projection Metrics (Sales Growth Rate, NPS). Use Quantitative Data for Informed Decision-Making and Improved Bottom Line.... more
  • Red Flags When Buying a Home
    Before buying a home, inspect for foundation, electrical, and roof issues. Addressing these red flags is crucial for informed decisions.... more
  • Why Project Management Tools Will Boost Your Small Business's Bottom Line
    Project management tools drive efficiency, save costs, and boost productivity for small businesses. Choose the right style, benefit from customization, and gain a competitive edge.... more
  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
    Limit debt to necessary transactions, such as a student loan for higher education or a home mortgage, so you can build good credit and a strong financial future.... more
  • Debit or Credit Card: What’s Best for Kids?
    Teaching your children about money management at home, including the ins and outs of bank accounts, and debit and credit cards, will help them learn financial responsibility.... more
  • Small Business Video Content Made Easy: Boost Your Revenue with These Simple Steps
    Unlock the potential of video marketing for small businesses. Learn to set goals, create content efficiently, and engage your audience with effective video strategies.... more
  • Living on a Limited Income
    Living within your budget will not only bring you financial peace but also enable you to prepare for unexpected emergencies.... more
  • The Importance of Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Small Business Owners
    Small business owners benefit from a growth mindset, fostering resilience, creativity, and success. Developing one involves stepping out of the comfort zone, embracing failures, and continual learning.... more
  • Leveraging Customer Feedback to Improve Your Small Business
    Learning how to use customer feedback to make your customers feel valued, heard and appreciated will help you gain solid returns. Here are some tips for responding to customer feedback.... more
  • How to Protect Against Title Theft
    Beware of con artists who use stolen identity documents to gain title to your home, or your vacation or investment property.... more
  • Generating More Sales with Strategic Funnels: A Guide for Small Businesses
    Reach your sales goals with sales funnels. Learn the benefits and best strategies for sales funnels for your small business.... more
  • Do Not Make These Financial Mistakes After You Reach Age 50
    It is never too late to correct past mistakes to ensure financial security as you age, so reduce debt, put away funds for an emergency, and strive to increase retirement savings.... more
  • Recession Proof Your Savings
    Preparing for a recession involves careful review of current spending and savings habits as well as financial planning to help you survive future uncertainties.... more
  • How Creating SMART Goals and KPIs Can Boost Your Small Business Performance
    A SMART goal is a result you want to accomplish, and a KPI reveals if you are headed in the right direction. Here is how they work!... more
  • Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses: 3 Areas That Matter the Most
    ... more
  • Improving Work-Life Balance
    In order to achieve a better work-life balance, you need to focus on finding a routine, managing your finances, and finding time for family.... more
  • Boost your Bottom Line with These 3 Creative Sales Strategies
    Small businesses need to find creative and cost-effective ways to generate sales. Learn these three key areas to ensure you are headed toward increased sales!... more
  • Planning for Retirement
    Planning for retirement involves establishing a plan that is right for you, and taking into consideration the time you will have to invest and to spend.... more
  • Five Ways to Get Money in an Emergency
    When you need to get money in a hurry, you should consider credit cards, personal lines of credit, and loans from your bank, your retirement plan, or from family or friends.... more
  • A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Increase Productivity and Prevent Burnout
    An entrepreneur’s time management is never easy. Finding the strategies and tools that work best can boost small business owner productivity while preventing burnout. Here are some ideas to help you.... more
  • 4 Questions That Will Reveal Whether Your Small Business Social Media Could Be Better
    Here are four focus areas that can help you determine if your small business is using social media to its full potential.... more
  • Buying a House You Can Afford
    Purchasing a home is a major decision, and requires research into how much down payment you can afford, whether you must pay PMI, and finding the right mortgage loan.... more
  • ChatGPT and Small Business
    Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. Here is some basic information on what ChatGPT is and how you may be able to use it to help your small business.... more
  • Running a Household and Owning a Business
    To successfully run your own business while simultaneously taking care of family, you need to set boundaries, such as limiting your workday and creating a dedicated work space.... more
  • How to Decide if Twitter is Right for Your Small Business
    Is Twitter right for your business? It may come down to knowing your customers, establishing SMARTgoals, having a plan in place and having the bandwidth to engage your audience. Here are things toconsider.... more
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
    In addition to attending to personal finances and protecting assets, entrepreneurs need to take care of their families, become life-long learners, and practice true philanthropy.... more
  • Google Ad Basics: An Easy-to-Use Guide
    Pull the right customers into your sales funnel and boost your online presence. Here are some ideas for using Google Ads to market to your customers online.... more
  • Managing Personal Finances
    Take control of your personal finances by keeping track of bills and payments, analyzing your spending habits, and setting financial goals.... more
  • How to Avoid Making the Wrong Cuts to Your Small Business Marketing Budget
    Need to cut costs? Don’t just totally cut your marketing budget. Here are some tips for making your marketing budget work for you.... more
  • Self-Care Versus Health Care
    Taking care of yourself can result in lower health-care costs, reduced financial stress, and overall physical and emotional well-being.... more
  • Planning Ahead for Changes in Retirement
    When planning for retirement, it is important to not only establish a financial plan but also to plan how you can be fulfilled and enjoy your retirement years.... more
  • How to Celebrate National Small Business Week in 4 Easy Steps
    National Small Business Week for 2023 is April 30 - May 6. Here are some tips for boosting your business while celebrating your customers and community!... more
  • Separating Business and Personal Finances
    Separate bank accounts, tax identification numbers, and credit cards are some of the ways you can distinguish your personal and business expenses, making it easier at tax time.... more
  • How to Use YouTube for Small Business Success
    Redefine your small business success by integrating YouTube into your media mix. Take advantage of two billion monthly users that may be looking for your product or subject matter expert.... more
  • Building an Emergency Fund
    In addition to saving for retirement or life goals like a home purchase, it is important to save for emergencies and avoid getting into additional debt.... more
  • Social Media Management Tools
    Social media is a powerful marketing and networking tool for small businesses. However, it can be time consuming. Social media management tools can help you beyond just saving time.... more
  • 6 Instagram Story Ideas for Small Businesses
    Harness the power of Instagram Stories to educate and build trust with your existing and future clients. Here are a few topics and ideas.... more
  • Funding Your Small Business
    Whether you are considering bootstrapping, crowdfunding, or a traditional bank or SBA loan, make sure you explore all of the options for funding your small business.... more
  • Financial Planning
    Understanding your net worth, setting goals, and protecting your assets are all important components of financial planning and taking charge of your personal financial situation.... more
  • 6 Strategies to Streamline Content Creation and Save Time
    Here are some ideas to streamline your content creation. Find the strategies that work for you.... more
  • 7 Must-Have Elements of Small Business Websites
    Updating and optimizing your small business website can improve its performance and bring in more business in 2023. Here are some "Must Haves" for your website!... more
  • How to Keep Good Credit
    Building and keeping good credit requires patience, in addition to developing good financial habits, timely payment of bills, and awareness of your credit utilization ratio.... more
  • Clever Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Customers’ New Year’s Resolutions
    Help you clients keep their New Year’s Resolutions. You’ll be instrumental in their long term success and it will grow your business. Here are some ideas!... more
  • Financial Stress
    Avoid financial stress by educating yourself, budgeting, paying bills on time, reviewing your credit report, and taking advantage of tools to increase your financial literacy.... more
  • Job Security and Stress
    Strengthening your financial stability can help you increase your job stability, cope with anxiety, and reduce your stress levels.... more
  • Small Business Owners and Mental Health: Caring for Personal Health and Cultivating Healthy Workplaces
    Building good mental health habits for yourself and your team can bring many benefits. Here are some practical steps small business owners can take to care for their own and their employees mental health.... more
  • Five 2023 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners
    Set worthy New Year’s resolutions for your small business in 2023. Here are some suggestions to consider when choosing the right goals for your small business.... more
  • Too Much Debt and Not Enough Money
    Too much debt can affect not only your credit and your interest rates, but can also impact your home life and your work performance.... more
  • 4 Trends Small Businesses Should Prepare for in 2023
    There are many trends that experts predict will be at the forefront in 2023. Now is the ideal time to study these trends to adjust your marketing and business plans accordingly.... more
  • Funding Your Child’s College Education
    Before it’s time to pay for your child’s college education, consider Section 529 tax-advantaged plans as a smart way to save.... more
  • Keeping Up with the Cost of Living
    Look for ways to keep up with higher costs of living, including asking for cost-of-living pay increases, downsizing or relocating, and budgeting daily expenses.... more
  • Holiday Gift Giving for Small Businesses
    Help make your business memorable by putting some thought into you holiday gift giving. Here are some ideas to get the most out of this gesture.... more
  • Updating Marketing Plans Positions Small Business for Long Term Growth
    Review your marketing strategy on a regular basis to understand your target audience, your competition and setting your goals for the new year.... more
  • Inflation and Retirement
    With the current high inflation, it is important to review your retirement strategy, investments, and social security options.... more
  • Why Business Lunches Still Make "Cents"
    Business Lunches remain a valuable tool for small businesses. Redefining successful business lunches can offer an opportunity to find what best fits your business.... more
  • Rising Gasoline Prices
    Supply and demand, environmental regulations, world conflicts, and various federal, state, and local taxes, are all contributing to the current high gasoline price situation.... more
  • Marketing to Generations X, Y, and Z Made Easy
    There are similarities between Generations X, Y and Z and there are differences. Vary your marketing techniques to fit your generational buyer needs. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Estimating Your Retirement Needs
    Retirees need to consider rising healthcare costs, relocation and living expenses, and the amount of income that will be needed when taking into account the costs of retirement.... more
  • 6 Types of Google Ad Campaigns to Fit Your Small Business Needs
    Find a Google Ad campaign to best fit your small business. It can provide you with a solid ROI. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Commingling Your Finances – A Newlywed’s Guide
    Discussing with your partner all of your financial options, such as whether or not you will commingle funds, is essential to building trust in a marriage.... more
  • 4 Data-Driven Lead Generation Tools for Small Businesses
    Make the most of data mining strategies for lead generation. Here is an overview of four lead generation tools for your small business.... more
  • What You Need to Teach Your Children about Money
    In addition to avoiding debt, increasing savings, and reducing stress, you can also teach your children to give back as well.... more
  • 6 Ways To Boost Your Local SEO
    Move up the Google ranks in local SEO search results by investing some time in creating quality local content. This is critical for small business success.... more
  • Selecting Home Budgeting Software and Apps
    You can find Inexpensive programs, automatic data importation, and security features when shopping for budgeting software and apps to manage your financial well-being.... more
  • Changes to Federal Student Loan Debt
    A short extension of the pause in student loan payments has been announced, as well as a new student loan forgiveness plan.... more
  • Three Focus Areas Guaranteed to Attract Local Customers to Your Small Business
    Having a local customer base is essential for a small business. Add these three focus areas to your marketing plan to bring in more local customers.... more
  • Communicating Price Increases in Three Simple Steps
    Keeping your customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones. Sometimes you have to increase prices. Here are some tips for communicating that to your clients.... more
  • Federal Tax Law Changes for 2022
    Many tax law changes that were enacted during the pandemic to assist small businesses have expired, so make sure your business is in compliance with the revised provisions.... more
  • 5 Ways Summer Interns can Boost your Small Business for Years to Come
    If you are contemplating the value of having students join your small business for a summer internship, here are five reasons why they are worth the work and benefits to your business.... more
  • Tax Ramifications of Downsizing Your Home in Retirement
    Learn how capital gains taxes, gift taxes, or qualified trusts can impact your decision to downsize your home in retirement.... more
  • 5 Tips On Handling Negative Online Reviews
    No business owner enjoys getting negative reviews. How you respond to a negative review can have a big impact on your business. Here are some tips for handling negative reviews.... more
  • Medicare and Private Health Insurance When You Retire
    Make sure you understand all of the health insurance options available to you at retirement, including Medicare and private medical insurance coverage.... more
  • 5 Small Business Marketing Strategies for Navigating Seasonal Business
    Seasonal businesses can bring some unique challenges. Here are some tips to help you create the right strategy to navigate the ups and downs.... more
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    It is important to explore the costs and benefits of long-term care insurance so that you and your loved ones are prepared when services become needed.... more
  • Paying Off Debt
    Educating yourself, creating a plan, and getting help are all necessary components to changing your habits and becoming debt-free in the long run.... more
  • 5 Essential Elements of a Small Business Marketing Plan
    Do you have a marketing plan to help you identify key selling points and guide you to areas in the market where you can thrive? Here are some key elements you should include in your plan.... more
  • 4 Practical Ways To Improve Your Small Business Customer Experience
    There are many ways to improve your customer’s overall experience, here are some specific and practical steps any small business can take.... more
  • Credit Card Scams
    The increasing proliferation of credit card scams, together with the sophistication of scammers, require constant vigilance by consumers to protect their account information.... more
  • 5 Strategic Ways To Boost Your Small Business Email Marketing
    Use the right strategy for your email marketing initiatives. Here is some practical advice to increase your customer engagement.... more
  • Dealing with Inflation
    Read why this is a good time to take stock of your discretionary spending and your investment strategy, in view of the current high inflation and supply chain shortages.... more
  • Financing College
    With costs increasing every year, paying for a college education requires a careful review of all of the options available, including 529 plans, scholarships, and loans.... more
  • 4 Easy and Practical Self-Care Strategies for Small Business Owners
    Be proactive in caring for yourself! It will help you feel focused and enable you to live and work at your best.... more
  • The Marketing Hourglass Is Better for Small Businesses than the Sales Funnel
    A marketing hourglass is a powerful and effective tool for any small business. Here are some suggestions for designing one for your business.... more
  • How to Make a Household Budget Work
    Whether you use a paper spreadsheet or a software program, take the time to input the necessary information and get started on preparing a budget for your financial well-being.... more
  • Small Business Marketing Strategies Almost Any Business Can Afford
    There are many creative and strategic ways to promote your small business on a shoestring budget. Incorporate these low-budget marketing strategies into your overall plan.... more
  • Planning for Retirement: Downsizing
    Life stages have both beginnings and endings. And retirement is no exception. Whatever your plans for retirement are, they should include downsizing.... more
  • Individual Investment Portfolios:  Weathering Market Corrections
    With market fluctuations common, learn how to build your portfolio to weather the risks, how you should diversify, and what to do when a market correction occurs.... more
  • 6 Podcast Recommendations for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
    Incorporate podcasts into you daily routine to learn, inspire and motivate you and your business. Get started with these recommendations!... more
  • Seven Blog Topic Categories To Help Fill Your Small Business Blog Schedule
    Gain credibility and trust with your customers and prospects by blogging. Here are some ideas for incorporating interesting topics into your blog content.... more
  • Seven Blog Topic Categories To Help Fill Your Small Business Blog Schedule
    Gain credibility and trust with your customers and prospects by blogging. Here are some ideas for incorporating interesting topics into your blog content.... more
  • Retirement Savings Plans: Loans and Hardship Withdrawals
    If you are experiencing financial difficulties, a loan or hardship withdrawal from your employer-sponsored retirement plan may be the solution.... more
  • Long-term Care Insurance: Pros and Cons
    If you are researching long-term care insurance, make sure you consider the pros and cons, including benefits, costs, and your personal resources and medical history.... more
  • Ideal Client Profiles: Why Every Small Business Needs One
    Reach the clients who will most likely need or want your products and services. Knowing who your ideal client is will improve the overall quality of your business!... more
  • Should Small Businesses Still Use Facebook? 3 Questions to Consider
    There are many affordable alternatives for marketing your products and services. Should Facebook be part of your marketing strategy?... more
  • End of Year Tax Planning
    With 2021 ended, now is the time to review changes in the tax laws, such as charitable deductions and retirement contributions, so as to be ready for the April 15 filing deadline.... more
  • Retirement Savings: Changes to Required Minimum Distribution Rules
    Recent legislation has made important changes to the timing, amount, and age at which required minimum distributions must be made from retirement accounts.... more
  • Start A Blog for Your Small Business with These Ideas and Best Practices
    Here are some ideas for setting up and posting a blog to your website. But, the most important best practice is to get started and create a blogging routine!... more
  • 5 Essential Year-End Tasks Every Small Business Owner Shouldn’t Overlook.
    Set some time aside to accomplish overlooked tasks every small business should do annually.... more
  • Is Now the Right Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?
    Another strategy available to consumers to lower personal debt was through refinancing a mortgage, where rates were at historically low levels.... more
  • 4 Social Media Strategies To Boost Small Business Marketing In 2022
    Lay a solid foundation for your 2022 marketing strategy. Let these 4 insights get your started on your strategy... more
  • 5 Easy Ways To Boost the Quality of Your Online Content
    Providing valuable, informative content on you site can help you generate traffic, attract leads and leads into sales. Here are some tips for improving your online content.... more
  • 6 Facebook Ad Strategies and Best Practices for Small Businesses
    Leverage your Facebook platform to expand your small business by incorporating these 6 best practices for Facebook Ads.... more
  • Story Telling Can Help Your Small Business
    Stories connect with people. Writing a story about your business is an effective way for you to build a relationship with your clients and prospects.... more
  • Online Reputation Management
    Your business should cultivate a strong, healthy online reputation. Here are some tips to help.... more
  • Four Ways To Boost Your Email Marketing Content
    Do you want your viewers to click through and read your content? Here are some tips for keeping your email content relevant and engaging.... more
  • 4 Ways To Boost Your Small Business Local Customer Base
    Here are some ideas for building your client base and competing successfully with big chain businesses.... more
  • Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Value, And Your Marketing Strategies
    Every small business should use the Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value metrics to determine how much to spend on marketing to new customers vs. focusing on customer retention.... more
  • 5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Small Business Email Marketing List
    Send valuable content regularly to your clients and prospects to keep them engaged. Having a strategy for creating a mailing list is key. Here are some tips.... more
  • Easy Strategies To Improve Email Subject Lines and Boost Open Rates
    Enticing your readers to open your email needs a great subject line. Here are some tips to make your emails stand out!... more
  • 4 Easy Steps To Boost Your Blog Content
    The quality and effectiveness of your blog is important in building a community around your brand and value add to your products and services. Here are some tips to help you.... more
  • 4 Simple Steps to Boosting Referrals for Your Small Business
    Having a referral program is a must to generate high-quality leads. Here are some ideas on how to create one.... more
  • 4 Benefits of Adding Video to Your Small Business Marketing Strategy
    Integrating video into your small business marketing strategy can build trust, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and boost sales.... more
  • 3 Steps Toward Creating A Marketing System for Your Business
    Building a marketing strategy for your business does not need to be costly. Here are some steps for creating a system that will help you.... more
  • Why Your Business Needs A Core Story and How It Will Benefit You
    Some industry experts consider a core story essential to your business success. Learn what it is and what to do with it.... more
  • 4 Ways Small Businesses Benefit from Partnering with Local Nonprofits
    When small businesses invest in their local communities and partner with charities and nonprofits, everyone wins. Learn about some of the benefits for your small business.... more
  • 4 Reasons Online Reviews Are Valuable to Small Businesses
    In this age of smartphones and constant connectivity your business should foster online reviews. Here are some reasons why you should do it.... more
  • 4 Ways To Incorporate Self and Business-Improvement for Small Business Owners
    Continuing to grow and improve is a benefit for you and your business. Here are some tips for self-improvement for your personal and business life.... more
  • Shared Spaces and Creative Partnerships: Small Businesses Get Creative to Thrive Together
    Collaborating with other small businesses can be beneficial. They can be simple partnerships of creative endeavors. The obvious benefit is more customers but, they can also inspire creativity.... more
  • Improve Your Productivity and Time Management Skills
    Small business owners – do you need help in improve your efficiency and productivity? We compiled a list of 4 tips and tricks to help you.... more
  • 3 Creative Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Use In 2021
    Get beyond the marketing basics and create strategies to build relationships with you customers and expand your business. Here are some ideas to help you.... more
  • Claim Your Google My Business Profile
    You learned in a previous post why you should have a Google My Business Listing. This post will provide instructions on how to claim it and tips on best practices.... more
  • Why Your Business Should Claim Your Google My Business Profile
    Hardly anyone searches the phone book for businesses. They do an internet search. Learn how Google My Business Profile should be your new local listing.... more
  • Easy Ways to Get Referrals for Your Business
    Does your business ask for referrals? You may be missing out on an easy way to get new business clients! Here are some tips for helping you get referrals.... more
  • Using Linkedin Groups to Your Advantage
    Millions of professionals and business owners use social media for advertising and generating leads. Yet, they often bypass LinkedIn for the sake of Facebook and other platforms. Here are some tips for using it.... more
  • Networking Skills Every Business Owner Should Cultivate
    Building rapport and relationships through networking is important for Entrepreneurs. Here are five skills to develop.... more
  • Business Networking Groups: What Are They And How To Get The Most Out of Them
    Networking is a wonderful way to help your business while you help others as well. Learn what networking can do for your business and how to get involved.... more
  • Information You Should Be Gathering from Your Current and Potential Customers
    Collecting Customer Information is sometime challenging. However, having the right information on your current and future clients helps you tailor your offerings to them.... more
  • Business and Marketing Blogs You Should Read
    Staying up to date on best practices, ideas, trends and cautionary tales can be found in blogs. Here are some tips why you should read blogs and some resources you may like.... more
  • Why Small Businesses Should Use Case Studies In Their Marketing
    Case studies are an ideal tool for small businesses to use to demonstrate the capabilities of their company’s products. Learn why they are effective and what to include in one.... more
  • Cause Marketing
    Cause marketing is an effective strategy for promoting your business as well as a charitable cause. Learn what it is and how it works for a long-term approach.... more
  • Why Your Business Needs a Blog
    Consistently posting blogs on your site remains a great marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should maintain a blog.... more
  • Why You Need To Be A Customer-Centric Business
    Adopting Customer – Centric Strategies for your clients creates a win-win situation Your clients will have a positive experience with you and they will become loyal customers telling others about you.... more
  • How to Communicate with Customers and Clients during the Pandemic
    Communicating with customers is important, especially so during uncertain times. Learn how to craft thoughtful, helpful, and encouraging content for your customers.... more
  • Five Ways to Offer Excellent Customer Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Small businesses need increased communication, education, and innovation in order to respond to their customers with excellent customer service during COVID-19.... more
  • Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Hourglass, Not A Sales Funnel
    Do you know the difference between a Marketing Hourglass and a Sales Funnel? Learn what a Marketing Hourglass is and how it can drive customers to purchase your services.... more
  • 5 Ways Social Media Benefits Small Businesses
    Engage your customers and attract new ones with these cost effective ways to use your Social Media.... more
  • 4 Customer Service Practices That Will Set Your Business Apart
    In a competitive economy, excellent customer service can make or break a small business. Here are four customer service tips to help your business stand out.... more
  • Why Your Business Should Sponsor Local Nonprofits
    There are many benefits to corporate donations. Here are four reasons why your business should start making charitable donations.... more
  • Why Your Business Should Install Google Analytics on Your Website
    Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides valuable insights to your website. Here are some reasons why you should be using this powerful tool.... more
  • 3 Reasons Google Reviews Are Critical for Small Businesses
    Reviews are becoming more influential and a priority for consumers. Here are three reasons why you want to get reviews and how they impact your business.... more
  • Why Your Business Needs A CRM System?
    Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are vital tools for businesses of all sizes. Here are some benefits of having a CRM.... more