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Understanding Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance comes with many faces. Be sure you look at all the different aspects of insurance and see which suits yours and your business’s needs. The options vary from General Commercial Liability to Key Person to Cyber insurance, and many additional options in between. A qualified insurance agent or broker can help lead you in the right direction. Cover yourself and your business now and spend the rest of your time making your business a success.

Specialty Coverages

General business insurance policies don’t cover all a business’s risk exposures. Depending on the industry and type of business, you may need to work with a business insurance broker to obtain certain specialty coverages.

Business Owner Financial Protection

All the business insurance in the world can’t protect you entirely from personal risk exposures. Business owners need to protect their assets, income, and families against ¬†liability claims and the loss of income or the business due to a disability or premature death.

  • Asset Protection – Business liability insurance can protect your business assets but your personal assets may still be exposed. Learn how to protect them.
  • Business Continuation – If your business is unable to continue after your or a partner’s death, the surviving families can suffer financially.
  • Business Owner Disability Income Insurance – Business owners must protect their most important asset—their ability to earn an income.
  • Business Owner Overhead Expense Insurance – If you’re disabled, where is the money going to come from to keep your business open?
  • Business Owner Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage – When building a successful business, business owners can accumulate substantial personal assets that are often unprotected against liabilities. For a few hundred dollars a year, a personal umbrella liability policy will cover you.

Small Business Risk Management

Risk Management covers a lot of territory in a small business. From accident prevention and reducing ergonomic problems, to fire safety and disaster recovery, along with employee fraud risks and avoiding violence in the workplace, just to name a few. Being prepared for the possibility that you may be faced with one, or several, of these matters can save you an extraordinary amount of time, money and frustration down the road. A little research and preparation can save you and your business from disaster.