Run A Business

Insurance for Your Business
Safeguard your business against financial catastrophes by selecting the proper insurance for your business. The articles within Business Insurance will help you understand what is out there and what to expect when selecting a policy.

Communication and Work Anywhere
Communication is key to your business' success. Get information that can help you decide which forms of communication - traditional phone lines, wireless, Internet connections, etc. – will most effectively help your business thrive.

Managing Healthcare
With rising insurance costs, providing employee health insurance poses a challenge for small businesses. Use the information in this section to understand your options.

Human Resource Solutions
One of your greatest assets may be the people who make up your company. Learn how to recruit good people, supervise, motivate, and train them, and stay in compliance with employment laws.

Legal Resources
Get advice about how and when to use an attorney, determining the best structure for your company, and information on contracts, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Running Your Office
Information and tips on selecting your office space; buying furniture and equipment; finding the right supplies, services and insurance needs; and setting it all up to help you be as efficient and productive as possible.

Available Government Resources
Tips on using government resources such as the Small Business Administration and the IRS to help you start and grow your business and to help make sure you're following all the rules and regulations.

Starting and Planning Your Business
Learn what it takes to become a successful business owner, and get advice on planning and making it happen.

Business Travel
Get tips, information, and resources to help you be productive, comfortable, and safe while you’re traveling for your business.

Veteran Assistance
Employees & Owners of Small Businesses Listen - When duty calls, how will your business survive?