Your Team and a Healthy Corporate Culture

Sharon Boyd has nearly 25 years of experience between both the healthcare and marketing industries. In addition to being an RDH and content writing expert, she also holds a degree in business. Her responsibilities primarily include tackling the communication barriers between small business owners or healthcare providers and their prospective clientele.

Your Team and a Healthy Corporate Culture

Don’t let the word “corporate” fool you! Even small businesses like yours can have a corporate culture.

In fact, your team already has a corporate culture. What you need to do now is make that culture a healthy and positive one.

What Is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is more than just a written statement of your company values. It refers to the environment of your company’s workspace. It’s an atmosphere that can be hard to define but easy to sense.

The culture is evident in your leadership decisions and in the way your employees feel about their job. Your corporate culture will develop organically if you don’t intentionally establish one.

Why a Healthy Corporate Culture Matters

A healthy or positive corporate culture fosters productivity, engagement, and innovation. If the atmosphere is employee-centered and relaxed, your team will likely feel happier  when they work. If your culture encourages openness and free speech, then your employees will contribute valuable ideas and sense that they are appreciated members of your team.

Such positivity will lead to benefits like:

  1. Lower employee turnover rate
  2. Attracting more high-quality talent to your team
  3. Shining reputation in your industry
  4. Improved employee performance
  5. Increased employee engagement
  6. Reduction in employee conflicts

How to Identify Your Corporate Culture

Ask your team for their insights. Ask if they feel appreciated, if they believe that what they do matters to the company, if they have any concerns they feel are being overlooked, and whether or not they agree that current corporate culture reflects your stated values.

Take your employees’ insights seriously and carefully note any inconsistencies or perceived negative elements.

Now you’re ready to start making needed improvements.

Steps to Strengthening Your Corporate Culture

1. Create a plan. Decide what kind of corporate culture you want to prevail in your business. Do you want a professional and efficient environment or something more relaxed and fun?

After developing a company-specific vision of your culture, determine measurable and enforceable actions that support those values.

Don’t just say “I want a fun and fair corporate culture.” Instead, establish benefits that promote a fun work environment and policies that guarantee your employees’ voices will be heard.

2. Take the lead. A strong and healthy corporate culture starts with you. Evaluate your own performance as a leader. Are you willing to compromise on company values when your bottom line is at stake? If so, you need to either scrap those values that you aren’t living by or readjust your habits to set a better example for your team.

3. Reinforce company values. When you see team members acting in ways that support the culture you want to promote, reward them. When you see employees acting in ways that violate company values, take disciplinary action. This is hard to do when such employees contribute well to your bottom line, but it will show that you are serious about building a positive working environment.

A healthy corporate culture is key to your business’s success. With understanding and flexibility and little effort, you can make your corporate culture a strong one!