Developing a Positive Corporate Culture: 5 Easy and Effective Tips

Sharon Boyd has nearly 25 years of experience between both the healthcare and marketing industries. In addition to being an RDH and content writing expert, she also holds a degree in business. Her responsibilities primarily include tackling the communication barriers between small business owners or healthcare providers and their prospective clientele.

Developing a Positive Corporate Culture: 5 Easy and Effective Tips

Is your corporate culture a positive one?

A positive corporate culture is one where all team members feel appreciated and needed. In the past, we discussed the importance of having a healthy corporate culture and listed a few steps you can take to strengthen your own organization’s atmosphere.

But now, it’s time to dig deeper into the topic of developing a positive corporate culture by considering these detailed elements.

1. Be a good listener.

Employees need to feel heard and appreciated. If your staff doesn’t feel free to approach you with their concerns or complaints, then they might feel restricted, which ultimately leads to a negative corporate culture.

2. Say thank you.

Don’t just acknowledge great production performances; thank people for small things they do that contribute to a positive atmosphere. Gratitude makes people feel like they did something that mattered.

When your employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, they’ll be more engaged with your company’s mission.

Provide a platform or opportunity for your team members to thank one another.

For example, you can open staff meetings with a few minutes allotted for team members to thank each other for their efforts.

3. Make work a fun place to be.

Your office is not home for your employees, and most people resent having to spend time away from their own households. Make your team’s working environment as pleasant and friendly as possible. Encourage employees to interact socially. Arrange out-of-office outings and lunches and team building activities.

4. Unite your team with a purpose.

Set realistic goals for your staff so that they can all consciously contribute towards your company’s overall purpose.

Establish a mission statement that everyone can easily understand and support. Help your employees see that what they do makes a difference.

When people work because they realize they’re a part of something bigger, they’ll contribute to the positive corporate culture better than if they were just working for a paycheck.

5. Promote employee health and wellness.

Looking after your employees’ health is a crucial way to build a positive work culture.

Provide your employees with plenty of adequate health insurance coverage options, on-site medical care resources, generous sick day policies, and start awareness campaigns for emotional and mental health.

Implement office policies that show you care about employees’ wellbeing on every level. Hold workshops to help teach your employees healthy lifestyle choices and work practices.

You can make your culture more positive simply by asking your employees what they want and need. Ask what you can do to help them feel valued. Try to find out what their perception of their role in the company is.

After you gather these insights, you’ll know what changes you should make and you’ll be well on your way to developing a more positive corporate culture!

Yes, it’s Possible!

Put forth a genuine effort to show your team that you care about their health and happiness. Even if you struggle to implement bigger changes, your employees will sense your desire to help and that in itself will make your corporate culture much more positive.