Keeping Your Team Motivated (While Remote)

Sharon Boyd has nearly 25 years of experience between both the healthcare and marketing industries. In addition to being an RDH and content writing expert, she also holds a degree in business. Her responsibilities primarily include tackling the communication barriers between small business owners or healthcare providers and their prospective clientele.

Keeping Your Team Motivated (While Remote)

Are you finding it challenging to commute to your home office every day? You’re not the only one. Although there are plenty of perks from working remotely, bringing work home with you can prove to be a little draining at times.

Fortunately, there are still ways to help your team keep their focus even when you’re all working from home. Here are a few tips from executives that we’ve spoken to:

Team Meetings to Open and Close the Week

Prior to the pandemic, many business leaders met with their teams at the beginning and end of the week. Today doesn’t have to be any different. By scheduling a team meeting with everyone on Monday to go over goals and Friday to wrap up accomplishments, you help to keep people on the same page. It essentially becomes an accountability process.

Have a “Cameras On” Policy

Every time you’re gathering for a virtual team meeting, have a “cameras on” policy. There’s something about being able to see other people face-to-face (theoretically, that is) when it comes to working on a team.

One of the things about having virtual meetings with the cameras on is that it reinforces the connection between staff, but it also motivates us to get up, get dressed, and get into work mode mentality. Even if we are wearing shorts with our business casual shirt while we’re on screen.

Schedule Virtual Town Halls

Aside from your weekly beginning and wrap up meetings, plan a monthly town hall meeting. At that time, be sure to fill everyone in on what’s being planned, changes that they can expect to see, and goal dates that are in mind. Especially if you’re a business where everyone is expected to eventually “return” back to work in a central location. Get as specific or vague as you like, but by keeping your employees in on the information you can squash rumors, boost morale, and avoid unsettling surprises later on.

Also be sure to use your town halls to congratulate people on their personal/professional accomplishments, wish appropriate parties a happy birthday, or even give out awards! And on that note…

Find Ways to Reward Your Team

Tracking data is a great way to manage productivity. And when it comes to motivation, it’s important to see where we’ve been and where we’re going. A lot of people feel that working remotely allows them to be just as productive if not more than they were in the office to begin with. So, pull some numbers from months past and have your team track their stats. Or, make note of compliments your clients have given you. Then reward your team during your town hall meeting to recognize a job well done. The positive reinforcement will also serve as an incentive to your other team members to work toward the goals you set.

Stronger Together, Even When Apart

Chances are that most of us have been surprised at just how strong our teams can be while working remotely. But keeping personal connections active can cut down on fatigue, depression (from not being around other people) and give your team a reason to get back to work!