Archive of Small Business Financial Articles

Archive of Small Business Financial Articles
  • Revenue, Profits, Cash Flow-What's the Difference?
    Revenue is sales income, profits are what’s left after expenses, and cash flow is immediate liquidity. All crucial for business growth and sustainability, requiring careful management.... more
  • Do You Need a Partner or Investor? Pros and Cons of...
    Investors offer capital with potential control, while partners bring shared responsibilities and varied expertise. Choose based on business needs and compatibility.... more
  • Employers Chase Creativity in Offering New Benefits and Perks
    In today’s job market, employers vie for talent with creative perks: flexible hours, extended vacations, family leave, health packages, student loan reimbursement, career development, and travel coverage.... more
  • Business Owners Face New Retirement Risks
    Retiring business owners grapple with rising healthcare costs, mortgages, and family financial strains. Strategic retirement planning, focusing on inflation, market shifts, and longevity risks, requires realistic time horizon assumptions for sustained income.... more
  • How a Business Credit Report Differs From a Personal Credit Report
    Most businesses start with personal credit, but evolving to business credit is crucial. Learn the distinctions and steps to build and manage robust business credit.... more
  • Business Owners’ Wealth Exposed. Time to Layer Up on Liability Coverage
    Securing Business Owners’ Wealth: Beyond Business Liability, Personal Assets Remain Exposed. Opt for Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage as Cost-Effective Protection Against Growing Litigation Risks. Comprehensive Risk Management Essential in Today’s Environment.... more
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  • Life Stage Planning for Business Owners
    Break your retirement planning strategy into pieces. It is easier to accomplish. At any stage having a savings safety net is essential. Here are some ideas for saving for retirement.... more
  • How Technology is Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses
    Small businesses are leaner and agile when competing against larger companies. Now technology allows you to amplify your advantages while competing on a level playing field.... more
  • Post-Business Sale Planning for Business Owners
    Selling your business makes changes to your balance sheet. It may be challenging to families attempting to keep a certain lifestyle. Here are ideas for planning for your sale and the next chapter of your life.... more
  • Finding the Right Bookkeeping Service for Your Business
    Hiring a bookkeeping service does not have to be an expensive proposition compared to hiring an employee. It is a far better investment than the cost of the business owner’s valuable time.... more
  • Risk Management is Key to Business Growth
    Risk management is understanding your business’s risk exposure. For small businesses an initial risk management plan can be as easy as following these simple steps.... more
  • Small Businesses Must Embrace the Gig Economy
    Businesses are embracing the benefits of creating a digital workplace to attract temporary and permanent employees.... more
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  • Building Business Credit
    Be prepared for the time when your business will need capital. Building your credit should be a key component of your strategy well before you need it. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Employers Gain More Traction and Better Serve Employees with a Roth...
    Currently, about half of employer sponsored plans include a Roth 401K provision. Here is basic information on the Roth 401K and why you may want to consider it in your plan options.... more
  • Why Businesses Must Make Customer Service Their Top Priority
    Make customer retention a priority by creating a team to provide superior customer service. When your customers are happy, they become your greatest assets to expand your customer base.... more
  • Business Owners' Misconceptions About Cash Flow
    There is a large percentage of businesses that fail due to a poor understanding of cash flow. Here is some basic information on why you should implement sound cash flow management practices.... more
  • Preventing Wire Transfer Fraud
    Will your business become a victim of wire transfer fraud? Know what to look for to prevent it and take action if it does occur... more
  • Why Working 24/7 Doesn’t Lead to Business Success
    You created your business to have a better life. Working all the time is not healthy for you or your business. Learn how to take a break.... more
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  • What are You Going to do When You Retire?
    Don’t leave a gaping hole in your life when you decide to retire. Being engaged outside of work helps you to be happier in all facets of your life. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Rules to Follow When Borrowing Money for Your Business
    Banks are more willing to lend than they have been for several years. Know what you need to do to ahead of time before you need the capital. Here are some ideas.... more
  • The Advantages of a 401k over a SEP or SIMPLE for...
    The 401k plan is quickly becoming the plan of choice for its greater capacity and flexibility for business owners. Here are the advantages over other plans.... more
  • When is the Best Time to Sell Your Business?
    Focus on the things you can control when you start thinking about selling your business. View it through the buyer's eyes and fix the things that would require a buyer to walk away.... more
  • 5 Steps to Improve Business Cash Flow
    Take the following steps to begin making positive strides toward an improved cash flow situation. Make them the key to effective cash management on a continuing basis.... more
  • Putting Together a Winning Financial Advisory Team for Business Owners
    Business owners need a 360 degree perspective on their business and personal financial needs. Having a collaboration of advisors from several different disciplines to forge a coordinated plan is essential.... more
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