Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Skillful marketing, advertising and public relations plans have made small businesses into Fortune 500 companies. Identifying your potential customers and implementing strategies to make them loyal customers is paramount. The articles in this section present a step-by-step process to show you how to achieve even your loftiest goals.

General Overview

Marketing Your Product

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

  • Public Relations - An Overview - New tools have made getting free publicity easier than ever. Learn the basics, including different ways you can leverage public relations to grow your business.
  • Create Your Own Public Relations Campaigns - You don't need to hire a public relations firm to get the word out. Here are some good ways to develop your own public relations campaigns.
  • Write and Distribute Great Media Releases - Learn how to write, format and create attention-grabbing press releases, as well as how to distribute your press releases for maximum impact and exposure.
  • Partner with the Media - Refer to this section for the basics on establishing a relationship with reporters and journalists, while enhancing your public relations efforts in the process.
  • PR Resources - This section features an extensive link list capturing nearly every publication, Internet site and organization that addresses public relations issues.


  • Create Effective Ads - Learn the basic components of an effective ad, including emotional and rational appeals and how to create a call to action.
  • Build Market Awareness with Promotions - Master the basics of building customer loyalty through sales, memberships, loyalty programs and other promotional efforts.
  • Maximize Return on Advertising Spending - Don't spend advertising dollars blindly. Learn how to evaluate your advertising to make sure it is as effective and efficient as possible.

Marketing Communications